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Essential Oils

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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus or Nilgiri Oil has a wide array of uses and has been proved to be extremely useful for centuries across many parts of the world.It is successfully being used for reliving the symptoms like cold, cough and congestion in chest. One can add f..


Lavender Oil

Lavender is the most widely used essential oil due to its powerful & versatile properties. Calms, relaxes and promotes a sense on harmony and well-beingAn effective skin revitaliserReduces anxiety & emotional stressHelps in inducing tranquil ..


Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is a very popular oil worldwide for its refreshing and energizing properties.An effective oil to reduce pain and swelling in joints & musclesCan be added into body massage oils to boost its efficacy and mood elevating effectRepels inse..


Orange Oil

Orange has a bright citrus aroma which is known to promote warmth & joy.Makes skin clearer and free of dark spotsHelps in treating dry & rough scalp to make it dandruff freeImproves blood circulation in skinHelps in easing mental depressionLi..


Rosemary Oil

PURE ELEMENTS Rosemary Oil:Is an effective anti fungal, anti bacterial agentIs very effective in treating acne and dandruffImproves blood circulation and makes skin clearerHas an anti-inflammatory effects on skin & scalpHas potent hair strengthen..


Tea Tree Oil

PURE ELEMENTS Tea Tree Oil is the most authentic oil procured from Australia. A known germs-fighting essential oilVery effective & proven natural remedy for treating acne / skin inflammation and dandruffHas powerful anti fungal & anti ba..

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